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October 4, 2023

Mark Dice FOOLS Fox News Into Airing PRANK & Reveals The TRUTH About MSM To Millions

TheQuartering [10/4/2023]

According to Newsweek:

Fox News host Trace Gallagher has been pranked live on air by an apparent fan of former Fox host Tucker Carlson.

In a segment reporting on a shooting at a residence hall at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, Gallagher spoke to a caller claiming to be a student there.

“We’ve got Tyrone on the phone with us now,” Gallagher said. “Tyrone, when you say poker game, what exactly happened? What transpired?”

The caller replies: “Well, firstly we’re watching… we all get together every Tuesday night and we watch Tucker Carlson’s show on X. We used to watch him on Fox News, obviously he’s not there no more.”

Carlson is still “the most credible guy in the media in America,” the caller continues. “We always get together to watch Tucker Carlson and think he’s doing probably better now he’s not with Fox News because the corporate media always controls what the teleprompter readers are able to say.”

Gallagher then cuts the caller off, saying “clearly that was not a student at Morgan State.”

Mark Dice, a conservative YouTuber, took credit for the incident.

“Yeah, that was me who culture jammed Fox News live on air,” Dice wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

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