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August 27, 2021

Marvel Panics! After Black Widow Lost Money New Delays For Eternals If Shang Chi Flops Too!

TheQuartering [8/27/2021]

Get woke, go broke.

According to ComicNews:

Kevin Feige’s woke Phase 4 approach is turning out to be a disaster of epic proportions as now it is reported that if Shang-Chi bombs at the box office, which it is expected to do, that Disney will delay the release of Eternals.

The info comes from Vulture‘s report about how Sony is going to further delay the release of Venom 2, where the site reached out to additional studios sources to see if there would be similar delays, where it’s noted that Marvel could delay the release of Eternals if Shang-Chi underperforms, which follows Black Widow being a colossal catastrophe:

Among studio sources reached by Vulture, the short-term outlook is that autumn’s big films (such as Dune and Top Gun: Maverick) will most likely stay on their scheduled release dates — although Marvel Studio’s Eternals could be delayed if the 24th MCU entry Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings underperforms at the box office upon its September 3 release.

Recent estimates have the Shang-Chi opening box office as the lowest debut of any MCU movie, including lower than Ant-Man‘s $57 million and The Incredible Hulk‘s $55 million, with a range of $35-55 million.

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