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June 23, 2022

Mass Layoffs Begin At G4TV ! Loads Of Employees Take To Twitter To Confirm Collapse!

TheQuartering [6/23/2022]

According to RedState:

During the heyday of G4TV, my television was constantly tuned in. For those who have never heard of it, G4TV was a channel dedicated to nerd culture, with video game and tech news, on-scene reporting at all the important cons. It had shows like X-Play, Code Monkeys, American Ninja Warrior, and Attack of the Show, as well as E-sports coverage. If you were a nerd, G4TV was your favorite channel.

Then the channel began to collapse for various reasons. Some of its most attention-getting hosts wandered off to do other projects and its parent company NBCUniversal didn’t want to invest money for new programming, causing it to stagnate. Viewership began to dwindle, and the network began airing reruns of shows like “Cops” to fill time. The network was finally shut down on New Year’s of 2014.

Years went by, with many people who watched it remembering the network fondly. It was ahead of its time, and many would wonder if anything would ever be seen like it again.

In 2021, the announcement was made that G4TV would, indeed, be coming back, this time as an online-exclusive channel on Twitch and YouTube.

People were excited but rightly cautious. This is, after all, the age of the woke, and many people were worried that the social justice crowd that has been attempting to take over gaming spaces would infect the new G4TV.

People were proven correct after one of its new hosts, Frosk, decided to go on a social justice rant about the social justice community’s favorite topic; sexism in gaming. Within this rant, Frosk painted men as the villains for not liking her because she’s not as “bangable” as previous famous G4 hostesses Olivia Munn and Morgan Webb. Her rant is long and contains all the ridiculous posturing and virtue signaling you’d expect from these kinds of rants, and ends with all the clapping and cheering you’d expect from her fellow cast and crewmates.

G4TV then featured the rant, as if it were important, on the XPlay YouTube channel.

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