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August 27, 2021

Massive Backlash For Cowboy Bebop Actress After She Mocks Fan Criticism Of New Netflix Show

TheQuartering [8/27/2021]

Cowboy Bebop doesn’t deserve this.

According to BoundingIntoComics:

Cowboy Bebop actress Daniella Pineda, who plays Faye Valentine in the upcoming Netflix live-action adaptation of the show, recently appeared to deride fans following Netflix’s first look photos at the series.

This new move by Pineda appears to be the latest marketing stunt from Netflix in an attempt to get people interested in the show.

Pineda posted an updated to her Instagram Story section called “Fan Apology.”

The video has subsequently been uploaded to YouTube by user İbrahim Açıkgöz, although the below video does not include the ending.

In the video Pineda begins, “Hey guys, as you know our Cowboy Bebop first look dropped today which was so exciting. And I just wanted to address a couple of things that keep coming up in the comments amongst fans.”

She then proceeded to sarcastically deride critics of the first look saying, “First, I wanted to apologize to the fans that I did not anatomically match the Faye Valentine character. Six foot, double D sized breasts, two inch waist. You know they looked everywhere for that woman and they couldn’t find her. It was kind of weird. So they just went with my short a**, I know am I right?”

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