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December 24, 2021

Matrix Resurrections BLASTS Original Fanbase As New Movie FLOPS

TheQuartering [12/23/2021]

According to TheDailyMail:

The long-awaited fourth installment of the Matrix franchise finally returned to screens on Tuesday, with The Matrix Resurrections coming a whopping 18 years after the last offering.

But early reviews for the Lana Wachowski directed movie see critics divided, with some panning the film as ‘laughably bad’, while others branded it ‘another truly horrible sequel’.

However, further reviews heap praise on the next stage of the sci-fi franchise, with one excited critic hailing it as ‘the boldest and most vividly human franchise sequel since The Last Jedi’.

While die-hard fans of the franchise praised the reboot for taking viewers even ‘further down the rabbit hole’.

The film is the long-awaited fourth installment in the sci-fi franchise.

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  1. Joshua says:

    Neo CAN fly… they are Both flying at the end… he just couldn’t in the moment because he’s out of shape… by the end he has it back… This is not a bad movie. I think you should internalize it more… the Matrix bottled his memories disguised as memories of his game. The red pill represents truthers, and freedom… and the blue pills are like a woke Twitter mob.?‍♂️What’s not to like. The movies point is resurrecting, neo and trinity, and the new Morpheus and smith. It’s bringing back the pieces we need to play a new game. I thought, of course the machines would have to convince him his memories, are just fiction. How else can you even begin to pull back that curtain a second time!? In the first 30-40 minutes I was pretty sure he was in the matrix and wasn’t just crazy, but there was a moment when I doubted everything and thought is it true, is he just going crazy!? (That’s what makes it work)

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