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April 20, 2023

Matt Walsh QUITS Youtube & Reveals HUGE Money The Daily Wire Has To Give Up Over Dylan Mulvaney

TheQuartering [4/20/2023]

According to LifeItsNews:

Catholic Daily Wire host Matt Walsh announced that his daily show will not be uploaded to YouTube anymore because the platform threatened to ban his channel if he refused to use preferred “gender pronouns.”

During a speech at the University of Iowa on Tuesday, Walsh said that YouTube had demonetized his channel and threatened to remove it if he did not use the preferred pronouns of people who suffer from gender confusion.

“We received word from YouTube that I had committed a series of alleged violations of their terms of service and also of their ad partnership guidelines, which will now lead to my demonetization and potentially being banished forever from the platform,” the show host recalled.

“[YouTube’s] ploy is to be intentionally vague about their guidelines,” he continued. “They’ll tell you violated something, but they won’t tell you exactly what it was or how that thing violates the guideline because they want to afford themselves the latitude to demonetize and deplatform you whenever they feel like it.”

“And that’s really what’s going on here, of course, they just selected me and they said, ‘Well, it’s your turn and we are going to look for a reason.’”

Walsh said that YouTube cited three instances in his videos concerning the gender pronouns of “trans influencer” Dylan Mulvaney, who was the star in some highly controversial ad campaigns, including for the beer brand Bud Light.

“YouTube decided that I’m not allowed to use biologically accurate language when discussing Dylan or presumably any other trans-identified person,” he stated.

Walsh also claimed that this was a targeted attack against his channel by high-level YouTube executives.

“It doesn’t seem that other channels are being held to that standard right now,” the Daily Wire star said. “We were told by sources at YouTube that this decision to target our channel had come from the highest level of the company. And they are looking for something, a reason to take us out.”

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