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March 9, 2021

Media MELTDOWN Begins For South Park Vaccine Special! 1 Hour Special Is RUINING Lives!!

TheQuartering [3/9/2021]

The hour-long special airs March 10th on Comedy Central.

According to the Collider:

Well, it appears as though the South Park team is getting a head start on their next special. While each episode of the long-running comedy is usually written, produced, and aired in just six days, a new promo for the upcoming “Vaccination Special” shows some footage from the hour-long installment almost two weeks before it airs.

This is the second hourlong South Park special in the last six months, as the Comedy Central series went on hiatus during the pandemic and did not move ahead with Season 24 as planned. Instead, last September we got “The Pandemic Special” which took aim at pretty much everything that was happening in the world at the time, and on March 10th we’ll get “The Vaccination Special” which will presumably do the same.

South Park is being spelled South ParQ in these promos so expect some nods to the insane Qanon conspiracies in the hourlong special, but for now, this teaser shows Butters’ parents demanding to get vaccinated before… well you can watch for yourself and be surprised by the joke.

But fans of South Park will certainly want to mark March 10th in their calendars, especially since we’ve been deprived of weekly installments since 2019.

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