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March 10, 2021

Media OUTRAGED Disney Shareholder Wanted Kathleen Kennedy Fired! Star Wars Fandom SLAMMED Again

TheQuartering [3/10/2021]

It seems some people want Kathleen Kennedy fired.

According to TheMarySue:

Today’s Disney shareholder call gave us a lot of inside information about the company that dominates a large portion of pop culture—mainly that Black Widow is still set for a May release and that they have plans to reopen Disneyland in a few months. But what was interesting for me was when they started to talk about Star Wars and their Disney+ content.

Disney+ has hit a milestone with over 100 million subscribers, which comes on the heels of #CancelDisney+ trending from outraged right-wing figures over the firing of Gina Carano. That milestone is important to note because clearly, their boycott attempts aren’t working. But it did open the door to the shareholders asking some … interesting questions that mirror that of the very loud and rude male fanbase surrounding the Star Wars franchise.

Since the dawning of Star Wars studio Lucasfilm being acquired by Disney, the sexism towards those in charge and the stories they were telling in the Star Wars universe has been ramped up to eleven by gross members of the Star Wars fanbase. Sure, prior to Lucasfilm being sold, there were sexist men who were convinced women couldn’t like the franchise. I know, I dealt with them all the time as a fan. But it wasn’t like this.

Now, every move that Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy makes is attacked by men online. They want her fired for simply touching Star Wars. Prior to Gina Carano revealing herself to be a Trump parrot, men hated the idea of Cara Dune because she was a strong woman. Their tune has obviously changed now that Carano has been let go from Disney for harmful social media posts that these awful men agree with, but that initial hatred of her involvement in the franchise is not forgotten.

So when the shareholders began asking questions, it was jarring to hear this sexist rhetoric and nonsense questioning that often exists online being parroted at Disney CEO Bob Chapek on a call.

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