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November 13, 2020

Medical Records REQUIRED To Purchase Concert Or Sports Tickets! Ticketmaster Is INSANE

TheQuartering [11/12/2020]

This has to be one of the MOST insane stories of 2020, and should be a startling reminder that when you give them and inch they will take a mile.

According to Billboard:

Monday’s news that pharmaceutical company Pfizer’s early results on a new COVID-19 vaccine showed a 90% efficacy rate on an initial clinical trial have given concert professionals hope that the business can start mounting a return in 2021. As part of that preparation, Ticketmaster has been working on a framework for post-pandemic fan safety that uses smart phones to verify fans’ vaccination status or whether they’ve tested negative for the coronavirus within a 24 to 72 hour window.

Many details of the plan, which is still in development phase, will rely on three separate components — the Ticketmaster digital ticket app, third party health information companies like CLEAR Health Pass or IBM’s Digital Health Pass and testing and vaccine distribution providers like Labcorp and the CVS Minute Clinic.

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