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March 12, 2021

Men ONLY Curfew Starting At 6PM Proposed To Keep Women Safe

TheQuartering [3/12/2021]

That’s right! A curfew for MEN ONLY proposed to keep women safe from them, apparently? This is insanity!

According to TheSun:

Baroness Jones insisted men “don’t understand the pressure women are under” after her comments in The House Of Lords sparked a massive debate.

Speaking after the alleged kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard, 33, she told a debate in the upper chamber this week that a ban on men being outdoors after 6pm would “make women a lot safer”.

The peer today admitted her curfew suggestion wasn’t “entirely serious, as I don’t have the power to do that”, but welcomed any “intense scrutiny”.

A vigil for Sarah and women who feel unsafe and face violence is planned for tomorrow in South London after organisers mounted a legal challenge following a police warning it would be unlawful.

Baroness Jones told Sky News: “Nobody makes a fuss when the police suggest women stay at home, but when I suggest it, men are up in arms.

“You should see my inbox. It’s full of misogynistic and racist emails to me. 

“Men just don’t understand the pressure that women are under and if this has sparked intense scrutiny then I’m really happy.”

She had told Wednesday’s debate on domestic violence that a curfew could help cut down cases of discrimination too.

She said: “In the week that Sarah Everard was abducted and, we suppose, killed — because remains have been found in a woodland in Kent — I argue that, at the next opportunity for any Bill that is appropriate, I might put in an amendment to create a curfew for men on the streets after 6pm.

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