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August 18, 2021

Middle School Teacher Said What?!?!?!

TheQuartering [8/17/2021]

“Let them die.” Bold move.

According to ThePostMillenial:

A middle school teacher in Vancouver, Washington recently came under fire after writing a disturbing post on Facebook where she wished ill on individuals that are hesitant to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

“I am ready to say let them die,” Jeanine Kolkemo said, a 52-year-old PE teacher at Wy’East Middle School.

“You make a choice to not get your shot for any reason other than a doctors note, you should not be allowed healthcare. You are like the brats in class that ruin it for everyone,” Kolkemo added.

The Wy’East Middle School teacher’s volatile comments failed to stop there. In fact, they grew more extreme.

In response to an individual’s comment on her post which alluded to to the fact that it’s wrong to wish ill on others, Kolkemo said “I have no problem with that.”

“If we’re lucky we can cut out 30 percent  of the population that votes the wrong way,” Kolkemo added. “Let the hunger games begin.”

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