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February 2, 2021

Monsters Running Fake Animal Rescues Are BACK & Must Be Banned Now!

TheQuartering [2/2/2021]

I need you to watch this video. I need you to share it, and I need YouTube to ban these monsters.

According to BeyondAnimals:

There is nothing more despicable and angering than animal abuse. What Vegan News has discovered is both shocking and heartbreaking. 

People are staging dangerous, deadly and abusive situations in fake animal rescue videos on youtube all in an effort to earn thousands of dollars for the views.

This topic surfaced during my research over the last several months. Youtubers Nick Crowley, Some Ordinary Gamer, Paymoneywubby, Officer Paw Patrol and others were coming up in searches with their own videos exposing these fake channels for the past several months.

Many of the youtubers who made videos have large fan bases and rallied those bases to mass report these videos to youtube which has had little to no effect as new channels continue to pop up daily.

Nick Crowley’s first two videos in particular hit me hard and revealed the names of many channels and their abuses while his newest video on the subject reveals that many of the fake rescue channels changed their names and hid videos due to his and others exposing the abuses perpetrated on innocent kittens and puppies.

The fake rescue videos that started as abuse have gone beyond that now and have become deadly for many of the animals placed in these dangerous situations.

YouTube itself is responsible for this escalation in tactics by these disgusting channels. Youtube ignored the many outcries from both large youtubers on its platforms and from the legions of their fans reporting the videos.

Youtube has told these sick individuals that they can operate with impunity and march forward with the google owned company hand in hand making money from ad revenue off of the backs, tails and paws of animals abused for entertainment.

Pointed out in Nick Crowley’s most recent video is the channel Yorquy who has changed its name to Love Kittens and has escalated to killing at least one kitten and severely maiming another along side a busy road they openly display on video as the kitten struggles in pain with paralyzed back legs.

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