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August 14, 2023

Musician DESTROYS Woke Clowns Becomes Superstar Oliver Anthony & His Song Rich Men North of Richmond

TheQuartering [8/14/2023]

According to TMZ:

Jason Aldean was able to get a little juice out of his right-leaning song — and now, another guy’s doing the same thing … but he isn’t even close to as famous, which is interesting.

The dude’s name is Oliver Anthony, and he’s a man-of-the-land living in Farmville, Virginia — however, he’s also a musician … and a song he just released, “Rich Men North of Richmond,: is catching fire among conservatives all over the country … in just a 24-hour window, too.

The reason … the track (and the music video, too, it seems) is resonating with folks in a grassroots kind of way — seeing how he’s performing it out in the woods, and in a very stripped-down environment. Plus, yes … OA definitely has talent — a unique sound, indeed.

Now, as for the actual lyrics … they seem to walk the line between the everyman, working-class American POV and far-right sentiments — depends on how you look at it, we suppose.

Oliver addresses D.C. politicians — without explicitly identifying a party — sucking Americans dry and wanting total control of their lives … while going on to lament social ills, including seemingly slamming the welfare system. He also appears to reference Jeffrey Epstein. 👀

In the wake of Oliver uploading this to streaming platforms, it looks like it’s been spiking in sales — with some sites showing it’s #1 on iTunes … meaning it’s been purchased a crap-ton since it went up, but doesn’t necessarily account for streaming numbers. Not yet, anyway.

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