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November 3, 2021

Netflix Drops Show WORSE Than Cuties & Gets DEMOLISHED In Reviews

TheQuartering [11/2/2021]

What is this show?

According to GizmoStory:

“Netflix’s funniest, filthiest, and furriest new comedy special” is atleast a statement which we have received about the new sex-educating comedy show, Sex Unzipped. This show will be hosted by the famous and loved American rapper Saweetie. By looking at her ambitious attitude, it can be noticed that she will not just stop at any commercial product representation but will surely move beyond that.

This show will be telling us about many things which were kept hidden in the past times. Saweetie will bring in a big team to break all the taboos and myths as they decode what sex is all about.

The show’s official synopsis says that it is a new comedy show focusing on sex positivity and the myths that need to be broken up, atleast in today’s era. The show will have many sex experts and talking heads who will be seen discussing the biggest misconceptions about sex life, which is believed to be some kind of a taboo are.

They will bring forth every other issue on the big screens, which will describe the issues faced by the people and for some reason they do not feel good to talk about it are.

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