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November 21, 2020

Nintendo DESTROYS Super Smash Bros Melee Fans & BANS The Big House Tournament! #FreeMelee

TheQuartering [11/20/2020]

Nintendo just totally hosed gamers of Super Smash Bros by shutting down the big house tournament.

According to Dextro:

Within a few weeks of the Big House Smash Melee and Ultimate tournaments, organizers have had to break the news that the event cannot be held nor broadcasted. While Nintendo have become notorious for restricting usage of their titles, this cancelation appears to be a step too far for esport fans who have grown hungry for Smash competitions.

Many fans understand that Nintendo is fully within their rights to demand a cease and desist from an organizer, citing the usage of Slippi. For reference, Slippi is used with Smash emulators to modernize Melee’s esport potential and has been considered a breakthrough for the community since its inception in 2018.

Unfortunately, Nintendo decided this unauthorized usage of a third-party project was enough of a primary reason to delegitimize the entire event. And, in the wake of this decision, the Smash community has taken over social media condemning the gaming giant.

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