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July 5, 2022

Nurse Goes Viral With GHOULISH TikTok Using Patient Passing For Clout

TheQuartering [7/5/2022]

According to Dextero:

A TikToker has come under fire after posting a viral video of themselves working at a hospital as a nurse, with the caption “lost a patient today,” facing criticism over the appropriateness of filming such a video after the death of a patient.

On her TikTok account ‘olivia_tylerr33,’ the nurse posted on June 17, titled ‘it never gets easier.’ The video didn’t take long to go viral, and many comments were sympathetic, expressing the challenges of being a healthcare professional.

However, the comments section was also mixed, with many criticizing the decision to setup a TikTok video in such a situation. Although the video is now a few weeks old, it has spread once again after being shared on Twitter and Reddit, reaching a new audience.

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