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October 17, 2023

NY Post, DailyMail & CNN Attack The Quartering Over A MEME! They Are SCARED Maybe It Was Right?

TheQuartering [10/16/2023]

According to Mediate:

After a video went viral claiming that some of CNN’s coverage of the Israel-Hamas War was staged, the network issued a statement blasting the video as “fabricated” and “inaccurate.”

The footage in question was captured on Monday when renowned CNN foreign correspondent Clarissa Ward and her crew were forced to hit the ground during an attack in Israel. Ward can be heard cursing out of fear with her face to the ground in the live show.

But a fabricated version circulated widely on Twitter/X with a fake audio track of someone directing the action:

CNN Busted FAKING Attack In Israel For The Camera!

— TheQuartering (@TheQuartering) October 10, 2023

CNN’s Reliable Sources newsletter included the statement from a spokesperson for the network:

The audio in the video posted and shared on X is fabricated, inaccurate and irresponsibly distorts the reality of the moment that was covered live on CNN, which people should watch in full for themselves on a trusted platform.

The video was also debunked on Snopes. But Reddit’s r/conspiracy thread had a field day with it, with some commenters believing the fake version of the video.

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