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February 11, 2021

Pedro Pascal FIRED By Lucasfilm For Abhorrent Tweets… Wait, Disney Is Hypocritical & The Mandalorian

TheQuartering [2/11/2021]

If the world had any justice, and if Disney held their standards equal then Pedro Pascal, then many more would also be fired today.

According to EpicStream:

Gina Carano’s Star Wars journey has officially come to a shocking end after Lucasfilm executives took matters into their own hands and terminated the actress from her contract. Apparently, the company has just been waiting for the right time to fire Carano, who’s been making headlines since last year for her socio-political posts.

Now, some Star Wars fans want lead star Pedro Pascal to suffer the same fate as his co-star Carano after an old tweet of him from 2018 resurfaced. In the said tweet, Pascal also compared the United States to Nazi Germany.

Written in June 2018, the post is simply captioned #ThisisAmerica with an image of children in concentration camps during the Holocaust and children in detention in the United States.

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