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November 27, 2020

PlayStation 5 DOMINATES XBOX Series X/S In Sales & Performance Issues Hit The XBOX Series X Vs PS5

TheQuartering [11/27/2020]

Early sales numbers are dominating for the PlayStation 5, but the XBOX Series X made up ground. The performance issues are more concerning for me.

According to NotebookCheck:

Unsurprisingly, the PlayStation 5 defeated the Xbox Series X and S when it came to launch day sales, at least according to estimates put together by a VGChartz analyst. Apparently, 2.1 million to 2.5 million units of the PS5 were sold in total on its two launch days, but the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S also did very well with an estimated 1.2 million to 1.4 million units sold. Up to 780,000 Xbox Series consoles were sold just in the US on launch day, while the launch day sales estimate for the PS5 in the US stands at up to 1.2 million.

The VGChartz reports offer some breakdowns of the launch day figures for Sony’s hardware that reveal between 230,000 and 280,000 PS5 consoles were sold in the UK in its first 24 hours of release (November 19), while Canadians snatched up around 100,000 units the week before (November 12). Gamers in Australia and New Zealand have accounted for a decent tally of 45-60,000 units, while the PS5 also sold strongly in Germany and France with over 100,000 units apiece. VGChartz estimates that the Xbox Series X and S made a sterling effort in Europe with up to as many as 400,000 consoles sold on launch day.

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