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May 25, 2021

Powerpuff Girls Reboot DEMOLISHED After Ultra Woke Script Leaks & Show FORCED To Rewrite Entirely!

TheQuartering [5/25/2021]

We knew the Powerpuff Girls was going to be a hilarious joke, but yikes!

According to Capital FM:

Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron and Yana Perrault will play Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup on The CW’s re-boot of The Powerpuff Girls, a live-action series following the grown-up version of the characters that became America’s superheroes in the early 00s.

However, the long-anticipated revival of the former cartoon series might not be what fans had in mind.

A script from the pilot went viral online after it was leaked, and some of the girls’ conversations are far from sugar and spice and everything nice.

One of the exchanges shared on Twitter between the girls is as follows:

Buttercup: “Bloss! Wake up! Or we’ll leak your nudes everywhere!

“(Off Bubble’s confusion) That worked on you once.”

Another exchange details Blossom walking into Buttercup’s room where she’s just had sex with a woman she met in a bar the night before.

According to the script into and pictures released from the set in April, the girls still wear the iconic pink, blue and green costumes, which makes some of the leaked conversations seem even more bizarre.

When the scripts hit an Internet forum, fans of the show pointed out it has no doubt been changed and edited quite a bit since it was leaked.

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