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February 11, 2021

Project Veritas BANNED From Twitter For REPORTING On Facebook Vice President…

TheQuartering [2/11/2021]

It’s my opinion this banning was done to protect Facebook and that it was a selective enforcement of their own rules.

According to TheWarp:

The Twitter account for Project Veritas was permanently suspended on Thursday after the far-right activist group posted a video confronting a Facebook vice president outside his home.

Twitter, in a message to Private Veritas that was shared with TheWrap, initially said the group’s account was locked for sharing private information. Later on Thursday, a Twitter rep told TheWrap that Project Veritas’ account was banned for “repeated violations of Twitter’s private information policy.” Project Veritas, a self-described “non-profit journalism enterprise” noted for using secret recordings and sometimes misleadingly edited footage to expose “corruption” at mainstream media outlets and progressive groups, had more than 700,000 followers at the time it was banned.

On February 10, Project Veritas tweeted a video of reporter Christian Hartsock approaching Facebook VP Guy Rosen outside his home. Rosen, who appeared to be returning from a jog, didn’t respond to Hartsock asking him about a recent video where Rosen said Facebook can “freeze” comments on posts that may contain “hate speech or violence.” (You can view the video here.)

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