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December 2, 2020

PS5 Pro Details LEAK Scares XBOX Series X, Noisy Fans Solved, Restocks & PSP 5G Details!

TheQuartering [12/2/2020]

Nobody can even get the PS5 standard edition, so it feels really weird to already be talking about the PS5 Pro console.

According to T3:

The official Sony patent notes that, ‘plural SoCs may be used to provide a “high-end” version of the console with greater processing and storage capability’, while ‘the “high end” system can also contain more memory such as random-access memory (RAM) and other features and may also be used for a cloud-optimized version using the same game console chip with more performance.’

And, with the PlayStation 5 console only marginally weaker on paper than the Xbox Series X (the PS5 delivers 10.28 teraflops compared to the Xbox Series X’s 12 teraflops), a new PS5 Pro console that comes with two APUs rather than one, improving local gaming performance as well as cloud gaming, would be no doubt the Xbox Series X as king of the next-gen consoles death blow.

The cloud gaming part of the patent is particularly interesting, too, as it seems to suggest that this technology could not just find itself in a new flagship PS5 Pro console, but also in more streamlined cloud-based hardware, too. An upgraded PS5 Digital Edition seems a smart bet, as too the much-rumoured PSP 5G.

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