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January 25, 2021

Red Letter Media Is CANCELLED! Movie Reviews Deemed Problematic!

TheQuartering [1/25/2021]

The crew over at Red Letter Media is over! That’s right, these middle aged mid-westerners are all over!

According to “Extra Sauce” at ResetEra (regarding Red Letter Media):

I took a long break from them after the embarrassing Captain Marvel review. they always had an edgelord “we’ll mock all sides” attitude that is reminiscent of Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s (not to imply their body of work are on the same level), in the sense that their overall cynicism pushed me away over time.

anyway I would echo the person in this thread who said they seem to have “cleaned up their act” to a certain degree recently. it definitely feels like there are jokes they made ten years ago that they wouldn’t today, for whatever the hell that’s worth. so yeah, I did start watching their stuff again during the pandemic.

the thing for me is I’ve long had a like/love/hate relationship with that channel but I’ve sort of made peace with the fact I seemingly won’t ever find a single other movie related channel I enjoy, and Jay and Mike seem to have met me halfway in the slight evolution of their political sensibilities? we’ll see.

and I used to find Jay insufferable but ironically his film sensibilities line up with mine to a disturbing degree when it comes to intensely obsessing over, and being highly appreciative of, yet laidback in the attempt at understanding weird, arty, genre adjacent fare.

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