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December 21, 2020

ReviewBrah Vs MrBeast! The Mr Beast Burger Meats It’s Match!

TheQuartering [12/21/2020]

A clash of the titans as Reviewbrah takes on the Mr. Beast and his Mr. Beast Burger. Let’s see.

According to Dexerto:

MrBeast has expanded his YouTube empire into burgers, starting up a new chain restaurant across the USA called “MrBeast Burger.” He celebrated in classic fashion ⁠— giving away free food and wads of cash ⁠— but you can order one yourself at 300 locations. Here’s how.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is no stranger to doing crazy things with his money, but his latest venture might be his biggest investment yet. He’s not just giving money out to people for doing challenges or buying their Christmas presents, but he’s also giving out food too.

The YouTube sensation, who has over 48 million subscribers, has opened up his own restaurant chain across the United States, aptly named “MrBeast Burger.” With over 300 locations, you can order one for yourself from practically anywhere.

In true MrBeast style, he had to launch his new restaurant chain in the most charitable way possible ⁠— giving away free burgers, and much more. The YouTuber opened up a location in North Carolina, and when people saw the sign, they queued up for miles.

They got a lot more than burgers. MrBeast was giving away $100 of cash with every order, and even chucking in some iPads and other expensive goodies on top too. Hell, he even gave one person who got sideswiped in line a whole new car.

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