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September 6, 2022

Rings Of Power Hollywood Shills BLAST Original Trilogy Characters & Actress Speaks Out In Criticism

TheQuartering [9/6/2022]

According to GamerRant:

Among all of the instances where the Lord of the Rings films bring moments from the books to life, some of the most impressive moments happen in battle. That being said, some of those attacks outrank others when considering the circumstances and the grandness of the attack. It is nearly impossible to examine a story centered around a journey, without examining the moments where conflict makes an appearance in the adventure, often coming in the form of combat.

It is difficult to put them in an order because they all possess a different significance, so it makes more sense to simply acknowledge these attacks as having particular importance. Some attacks stand out for the physical choreography that make them up but many are impressive for what they reveal about the character, internally. That being said, they will simply be listed in chronological order.

To begin, in the Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf casts the Balrog into the shadows. When it seems that all hope is lost in escaping the Balrog, Gandalf stays back on the bridge to prevent the Balrog from pursuing the others in his classic “You shall not pass!” scene.

He stands on the bridge and casts the creature out with his words and the light of his power, slamming his staff down on the bridge. As a result, when the Balrog takes its next step, the bridge goes crumbling down, taking the Balrog with it. The scene ends with the devastating moment where the Balrog’s whip entangles Gandalf’s leg and he is pulled down to his death. Fortunately for the hearts of fans, he is later revived.

Next, is the fellowship protecting Frodo from the Cave Troll in Balin’sTomb. This one is a bit of a group effort, though it is Legolas that finally makes the precise kill shot. When Frodo is being attacked, Aragorn steps in with his blade to confront the troll but is brushed aside. Merry and Pippin then serve as distractions while Legolas lines up the perfect shot and shoots the troll in its head, bringing it down. It was a difficult fight for even multiple characters to take down the massive creature but they were ultimately successful because of how well they functioned as a team and had each other’s backs.

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