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December 14, 2020

Scalpers Defeated? PS5 & XBOX Series X Are Back In Stock At Best Buy & Gamestop!

TheQuartering [12/14/2020]

I sincerely hope some of you are able to take this advice and get yourself a next gen console! Happy hunting!

According to TechRadar:

Those wondering where to buy PS5 this week might just have the answer today, after Best Buy announced more PS5 restocks to go live after 8am CT on December 15. In a recent Twitter update, the retailer announced more PS5 stock will hit the shelves tomorrow, so you’ll want to get prepared because these are going to fly out of stock. 

We’ve seen Sony and Amazon offering more chances to buy PS5 last week, so things are certainly starting to move a little more. Sony’s increased production for a new wave of PS5 stock by the end of the year may be coming to fruition, then. 

We’re keeping a constant eye out for all those PS5 restocks and bringing you all the latest updates as soon as we hear the boxes getting close to the shelves. If you’re in the UK, however, it’s not so much of a guessing game. Rumors abound of retailers receiving more stock between December 13 and 17, and while such rumors don’t come from the retailers themselves, these dates do make sense considering Sony’s intent to make more consoles available before the end of the year.

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