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March 19, 2021

Self Incriminating Copyright Strikes & The Coordinated Takedown Of SayNoToRage

TheQuartering [3/19/2021]

Remember SayNoToRage?

According to the Verge:

Twitch has banned SayNoToRage, a popular Destiny streamer, after several women said that he harassed them or touched them without consent.

Their stories played a large role in kicking off the recent wave of harassment and assault allegations from Twitch streamers and other members of the gaming industry. Twitch said last week that it would take the allegations seriously and issue permanent bans in some cases. SayNoToRage has denied the allegations.

The Twitch page for SayNoToRage disappeared Thursday afternoon, suggesting he had been banned. A second streamer, Papa_Chau, who had allegations of emotional abuse made against him more than a year ago, appears to have been banned this afternoon, too.

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