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September 21, 2022

She HOOKED UP Again On Stream!!! You Have To Be Kidding Me!

TheQuartering [9/21/2022]

According to Dextero:

It’s not totally uncommon to see streamers get banned on Twitch for sexual content. Throughout the years, we’ve seen streamers inadvertently show content that goes against the Amazon-owned platform’s guidelines and get punished for it.

That said, have you ever imagined a streamer would actually dare to have sexual relations on camera? That’s exactly what happened to ‘kimmikka’ and Twitch was quick to slam down the ban hammer.

During an August 24 broadcast, the streamer seemed to be up against her desk and her facial expressions started to change – prompting curiosity in the chat.

While she was trying to be sneaky about the whole thing and type in chat at the same time, her reflection was clearly visible in the background.

If that wasn’t bad enough, at another point, her partner is even visible right behind her, though no body parts are seen.

It wasn’t long before the clip spread to the popular Livestreamfail subreddit where it amassed thousands of views before being taken down after Twitch caught wind of the questionable extracurricular activity.

The streamer also reportedly told reporter Jake Lucky that this incident was a “drunken accident” and she ended the broadcast soon thereafter. In a brief follow-up, she also claimed the suspension was just one week in length.

According to stat-tracking site Sullygnome, kimmikka wasn’t exactly the most popular streamer before her ban with only 231 followers. Additionally, her account was fresh having just been created in July of 2022.

Kimmikka was unbanned a week later and her channel swiftly grew thereafter, with hundreds of new followers flocking to see her return.

One month later, another clip from the original broadcast went viral on September 20. Posts on Twitter claimed the streamer had repeated her actions and once again engaged in prohibited activities while live. However, the newly surfaced clip was actually from the same stream that led to her initial ban, not from a new stream.

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