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September 8, 2021

Shockingly DARK Amber Heard Information… Aquaman 2 Getting Blasted

TheQuartering [9/7/2021]

Amber Heard is getting in more trouble.

According to BleedingFool:

Jason Momoa just dropped a major update on Aquaman 2 over the weekend by revealing an all new costume for the underwater superhero, but most of social media’s attention related to the movie was merely reignited fan backlash against Warner Bros. for not firing Amber Heard. Many fans don’t want Heard to be a part of the underwater superhero movie sequel, now called Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Nearly two million people have even signed an online petition for the studio to kick her off the project, but Warner Bros. has been seemingly unmoved to change Heard’s involvement in the DCEU film.

Warner Bros. appears to be looking the other way when it comes to the Heard controversy. However, the fans who’ve been consistently calling for “Justice for Johnny Depp” aren’t willing to let this go quite so easily. After the new title of Aquaman 2 was revealed, Heard’s name quickly began trending on Twitter, but not for the reasons the brass at Warner Bros. were hoping for. In fact, tens of thousands of fans have renewed their call to boycott the movie until the role of Mera is recast with someone else.

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