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April 7, 2021

Space Jam 2 BLASTED By Woke Mob! Epic Backfire For Lebron James & Warner Brothers

TheQuartering [4/6/2021]

SpaceJam 2 has a trailer!

According to CinemaBlend:

Nostalgia has proven itself a powerful force in the entertainment industry. As a result, no franchise is safe from reboot or sequel. The first trailer for Warner Bros.’ Space Jam: A New Legacy recently arrived, starring LeBron James alongside a ton of familiar faces. The movie looks like a CGI spectacle and marks the first starring role for James, although he was recently knocked down a few pegs by friend and colleague Richard Jefferson. The ESPN analyst took the time to roast LeBron as the movie’s trailer broke the internet.

Richard Jefferson had a long and successful career as a NBA player, before retiring and becoming a TV personality, analyst, and podcaster. The first trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy made its way around the internet, with the public shocked by how many non-Looney Tunes characters were going to appear in the blockbuster. There was much talk about the visual effects, and Jefferson poked fun at LeBron James’ hairline.

LeBron James might need some Neosporin, because he just got burned. Space Jam: A New Legacy has the potential to be game changer for James’ budding acting career, as he gets top billing and does extensive green screen work. But that doesn’t mean his friends intend on letting him celebrate this without a few playful jabs.

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