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May 13, 2021

Star Wars BLASTED For Whitewashing & Disney INSTANTLY Bends The Knee

TheQuartering [5/13/2021]

What a terrible state of things for Disney. To be controlled by such an annoying meaningless group of people.

According to WinterisComing:

Star Wars: The Bad Batch has been well received by fans and critics alike, with the new look into the rise of the Empire winning plaudits as a fitting spiritual sequel to The Clone Wars. However, with just two episodes aired, the show has already become embroiled in a developing controversy, with fans highlighting how characters in the show have been “whitewashed” to appear lighter-skinned than the actors behind the voices.

Whitewashing is when a production either hires caucasian actors for non-white roles or lightens the skin of a character to appear closer to being white, with these incidents usually being seen as marketing endeavors by the studio.

The writers at the Unwhitewash The Bad Batch website argue that the issue has been prevalent ever since the initial release of the story reels for The Bad Batch. With the issue extensively highlighted on social media for over a month, critics argue that Disney has essentially doubled down on their actions, ignoring calls from alarmed fans following the release of the show’s trailer at the end of March. Prominently featured amongst many highlighted incidences on the site is that Dee Bradley Baker, a white actor, has been cast as the Bad Batch themselves.

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