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January 19, 2021

Star Wars “Fans” TRIGGERED! Mark Hamill ROASTS The Last Jedi & LOVING The Mandalorian Luke Skywalker

TheQuartering [1/18/2021]

I have to say, I love Mark Hamill some days, and others, well, let’s give him the W today as he got to all the right people.

According to Entertainment:

No one likes to see their heroes brought low, especially in a franchise like Star Wars. Many fans were bitterly disappointed about the way Luke Skywalker was portrayed on the big screen, and they weren’t the only ones. Mark Hamill, who played the legendary hero, had some harsh criticism for how Skywalker was portrayed in The Last Jedi.

Now fans have taken to Reddit to discuss what Hamill said, and voice their own opinions.

Luke Skywalker was the heart of the Star Wars saga in many ways. His coming of age story was what really drew fans in. Learning that Darth Vader was his father, getting his hand cut off, and learning from the legendary Yoda made for scenes that filmmakers still try to mimic to this very day.

While he didn’t have a legendary love story like Han Solo and his sister Princess Leia, fans were still rooting for Skywalker. His arc of growing up from the young man who watched his mother get killed to someone who could go toe to toe with the Emperor was invigorating.

In the end, his choice to sacrifice himself to save the universe paid off. He got the happily ever after that he deserved. Or so everyone thought.

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