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May 17, 2023

Starbucks BLASTED For New Insane Woke Ad! Massive Customer Backlash For Going Full Bud Light!

TheQuartering [5/17/2023]

According to BusinessToday:

Multinational coffee chain, Starbucks, that released a new advertisement in India, is being slammed online for the subject of the said ad. Twitterati, who previously took offence on various other advertisements including Tanishq, Orra Jewellery, and FabIndia, is now criticising the Starbucks ad that it believes is too woke for its own good. 

The Starbucks ad is a nod to inclusivity and transgender rights that many Twitterati believe, do not complement the Indian ethos. The ad starts with two parents, who are waiting for their son, Arpit, at a Starbucks cafe. It is evident that something is plaguing the minds of the two people, when the wife asks the husband to not be angry “this time” as he tries to get his son on a call. The camera then pans to a woman, clad in a maroon dress, who approaches them and gives a warm hug to the wife, and an awkward one to the husband. 

By now it is clear that it is the son they are waiting for. She thanks her father for meeting her and says that it has been a few years since they last met but he still means the world to her. The father then goes to place an order for coffee. When the coffee is prepared, the barista calls for an ‘Arpita’. In a show of support, the father tells his daughter that she is still his kid and that only a letter has been added to her name.

While some believe that this will create a rift between children and parents, some said that Starbucks has no business telling people what to do. 

“Can’t they just market their coffee and service to India? Their service is the best in the world. Who designs such campaigns to guilt trip people which don’t appeal/apply to even 0.1 % Indians. Perhaps I should (show) my allegiance to Thirdwave coffee which has better coffee and equally good service and interiors like Starbucks,” said a user, while another said, “It encourages people for s€x change which is unnaturaI. Starbucks is popular among teens, so it will directly target the Gen Z. Since Starbucks is encouraging it, people will find it posh & try to copy without telling their parents. Will create rifts between parents & children…(sic)”

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