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November 23, 2020

Steam DESTROYED For Posting Cringe “LatinX Games” Event! Keep Your SJW Junk Out Of Video Games

TheQuartering [11/23/2020]

Not one single Latino person I have EVER met or talked to online wants to be called “LatinX.” It’s white woman purse puppy language. Keep it out of video games.

Steam’s Post:

A video game industry event exploring the opportunities, trends and future of Latinx game development. Online from Long Beach, California!

“LXGF was an out-right motivational and empowering event! The ability to meet equally passionate Latinx developers from around the world and from different facets of the industry is what will push the core of the game industry forward as well as the careers of all Latinx developers.”

“In all my life I have never experienced seeing so many faces embracing our culture in games and it made me hopeful for the future of the games industry. Seeing the support and representation for Latinx culture meant everything to me.”

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