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April 3, 2023

Steven Crowder BANNED By Youtube In Direct ATTACK At Louder With Crowder! Massive Double Standards!

TheQuartering [4/3/2023]

According to LouderWithCrowder:

YouTube issued 2 strikes on Friday attacking our coverage of the radical trans movement & the sexualization of children. We’ll be covering all you need to know about the Trump indictment & we expose the leftist bias of ChatGPT. Also, we destroy the California reparations argument. You don’t want to miss, tune in only on Rumble & Mug Club.

The Neal Mohan regime at YouTube has begun. We have had THREE of our posts removed from the platform. Yes, they are still all on Rumble.

First, NASHVILLE UNCENSORED: THE TRUTH FROM A TO Z! was removed under their elusive “hate speech” policy.

Second, WE’RE BACK! WAIT, TRUMP IS GOING TO JAIL?! was removed under their elusive “harassment” policy. Side note: this is also the video where we exposed new CEO Neal Mohan.

Third, over on CrowderBits, Crowder Reacts to 13-Year-Old Drag Performer Twerking on Stage! was removed under their policy against “statements that sexualize minors.” We watched a viral video of grown adults sexualizing a 13-year old drag queen, and said it was wrong. YouTube came after US for doing so.

This is EXACTLY what we warned against. The left can enact policy to transition your children and put them on a stripper pole. And when one of their deranged dogmatics murders your children, you best not speak about it.

THEY are coming after your children. THEY will try to silence you. WE will not take part in their lies. And we sure as hell won’t line the pockets of the LIARS.

Louder with Crowder will STILL be streaming on Monday…on Rumble and on MugClub. And I’ll have a lot – A LOT – more to say Monday morning, April 3rd, at 10:00 AM eastern.

For now, make sure you are signed up for MugClub. We can’t take the fight to BigTech without your support.

YouTube, Big Tech, and the radical left are coming for your children. We’re not going to let them.

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