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April 21, 2023

Steven Crowder BLASTED By Ex Employee Dave Landau! Claims Of INSANE Contract Demands & Censorship!

TheQuartering [4/21/2023]

According to HollywoodInToto:

Steven Crowder said he went public with his Daily Wire contract dispute for a vital reason.

The web site’s initial contract to Crowder, valued at $50 million for four years, said he’d get paid less if his show got censored by Big Tech platforms like YouTube. It’s why Crowder signed a deal with Rumble, the free speech alternative to YouTube.

That kind of censorship, Crowder warned, cannot stand.

Now, former “Louder with Crowder” co-host Dave Landau says Crowder routinely censored his commentary on the video podcast … and worse.

Landau opened up about leaving the popular show on “Your Welcome with Michael Malice.” Landau shared how he knows how to be a co-host in the modern era, witness his work alongside radio legend Anthony Cumia on Compound Media.

He similarly supported Crowder during their time together, but in the final months of their professional relationship, Crowder kept Landau on a tight leash.

“I had been more censored as things went on … for example, I couldn’t use the word [ejaculate],” Landau said.

The restrictions didn’t stop there.

Landau alleged Crowder had a “dump”-style button to silence him if he spoke too much on the show.

“A light was put in[to the studio]. It was his rant button and it was basically a ‘Dave Don’t Talk’ button,” Landau recalled of both the button and the light that flashed when it was deployed. “When it was hit I wasn’t supposed to talk … and [Crowder] would press it.”

“I know my job. I know that he talks a lot … I know that he’s the star of the show … I know when to sit back. it’s what I did with Anthony [Cumia] for years … it’s what I do,” he said. “I’m not trying to ever steamroll him.”

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