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March 22, 2022

Steven Crowder Just SHOCKED The World! Louder With Crowder Host Pulls Off The Impossible

TheQuartering [3/22/2022]

According to TheBlaze:

We want to think of academia as the key to the world of knowledge, with keymasters being the best among us. Unfortunately, what we know as the world of higher education has become a farce.

Steven Crowder exposes the riveting academic world of the academic discipline known as fat studies. Home to peer-reviewed think pieces such as “Overcoming Fear of Fat” and “Queering Fat Embodiment.” Yes, this is being taught by professors at some of the world’s most prestigious institutions. There’s even an annual fat studies conference at Massey University, where all the brave and beautiful postgrads can submit their essays and present them in their safe space.

In this video, you will hear from fat studies scholars who teach students about all the ways fat women are “oppressed by small white men,” the ways “science has oppressed fat women,” and a call for “new fat ethics.”

Crowder went under cover as Sea Matheson, a fat pride activist, who submitted “her” very own fat studies paper for a presentation titled “Embracing Fatness as Self-Care in the Era of Trump.” Due to COVID, the in-person conference was canceled, but luckily, there was still a virtual conference.

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