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September 1, 2022

Taika Waititi QUITS Thor 5 After Love & Thunder FAILS At Box Office!

TheQuartering [8/31/2022]

According to ComicBook:

While people are staying home to self-isolate over the threat of the novel coronavirus, Taika Waititi is staying busy. The director known for helming Thor: Ragnarok had his kids cut his hair on Instagram Live earlier this week, and now he’s back on social media with a special announcement: he’s quitting filmmaking (not really, don’t worry). According to the director’s latest post, his new passion is sewing dolls. While some people might consider his creations creepy, others are leaning towards the cute side.

“I’m quitting film. It’s the right thing to do when you can bring so much joy to the world with your sewing. Btw it’s a rabbit and a snake and the frayed bits are on purpose. It’s ‘rustic’. And that’s a tongue coming out of the snake’s mouth not a tampon you smart arses,” Waititi tweeted. You can check out the images of his creations in the post below:

Waititi has written many posts since folks began to self-isolate. He shared a message for the people of New Zealand that included a threat to COVID-19. “You might be coming for us, COVID, but you better believe we’re coming for you,” Waititi said in the video. “So watch your back. Don’t wash your back, watch your back. You don’t need to wa… we’re the ones washing our backs, that’s what you got us doing. We’re washing everything. We’re washing our backs, our hands, our heads, our ears… I’m so sick of washing stuff! But you, you need to watch your back, because we’re behind you.” The director also had a message for people who are hoarding toilet paper.

Waititi will soon be returning to Marvel to direct Thor: Love and Thunder. Not only will Chris Hemsworth’s Thor be the first MCU hero to get a fourth installment to their respective franchise within the franchise, but the movie will also see the return Natalie Portman as Jane Foster and Tessa Thompson King Valkyrie.

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