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July 25, 2022

Taylor Lorenz Just Got A Taste Of Her Own Medicine (She HATES It)

TheQuartering [7/25/2022]

According to TheDailyBeast:

Mark Zuckerberg is public enemy No. 1 for meme creators who say Meta’s guidelines have unfairly targeted certain content and creators. A group organized what they called the “Anti-Zuck Instarrection” on Saturday, protesting outside of and handcuffing themselves to Instagram’s New York City headquarters. Organizers told BuzzFeed News they feel that current practices threaten creators’ livelihoods. In a list of demands, creators call for a more thorough review process for reporting posts, less bias toward political content, an end to shadowbanning, and making account deletion a last resort. “Why is it so hard for marginalized voices and women to express themselves?” a protestor told BuzzFeed. “We’re not hurting anybody.” A Meta spokesperson said it’s engaging with organizers directly to address concerns.

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