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October 3, 2023

Taylor Swift Woke MELTDOWN At Barstool Sports Mocking Relationship With Travis Kelce & NFL As FAKE

TheQuartering [10/3/2023]

According to DailyMail:

Taylor Swift fans have been quick to slam ‘disgusting’ Barstool Sports host Dan Katz after he demanded to see a ‘sex tape’ of the singer and Travis Kelce to confirm that their romance is real. 

Katz made the comments as host of the ‘Pardon My Take’ podcast, days after Swift attended Kelce’s Chiefs game against the Jets in New York this past weekend. 

Many NFL fans fumed at the sight of seeing the pop star’s face on advertisement banners at MetLife Stadium during Sunday night’s showdown.

Katz captioned footage of his claims on X: ‘If Taylor Swift is going to be taking over our Sunday’s, I’m going to need to see a sex tape. These are my demands.’ ‘

He and ‘Pardon My Take’s’ other co-host, Eric Sollenberger, popularly known as PFT commentator, got into the specifics of what they would like to see Kelce and the 12-time Grammy winner ‘do’ sexually to ‘prove’ that their relationship is genuine.

‘Shall we demand it? I want to see p in v, I want to see insertion,’ Katz said while Sollenberger discussed the possibility of Taylor being secretly pregnant.

‘Until then I think it’s fake, I think it’s for clicks and I think Taylor is using the NFL to try to make her star bigger,’ Katz added. 

The NFL has certainly increased in popularity ever since Swift’s been showing up to games. When she saw Kelce and the Chiefs beat the Jets, 27million viewers tuned in on average compared to the 24.32 million who watched Swift cheer on her new beau and Kansas City for the first time against the Bears last month.

Data from NBC also suggest that ratings peaked at an estimated 29.4M viewers – making Jets-Chiefs the most-watched contest since February’s Super Bowl game.

What’s more, is that Kelce’s jersey sales have gone up, too. 

‘Pardon My Take’, which is considered as a comedic sports podcast, boosts 894,000 followers on X. Its audience generally ranges between 750,000 and 1.5M listeners per episode. 

The over-a-minute video has faced massive scrutiny from ‘Swifties’ on Tuesday. Kelce was a guest on the podcast just four month ago, right before Swift started her ‘Eras’ Tour.

‘Do you talk to your daughter or mother like this?’ said a user in reaction to Katz’s remarks about Swift. 

One person directly asked the Barstool Sports employee if he found his comments ‘strange to say’ which he replied: ‘No.’ 

He then addressed Swifties who criticized him, saying it was a ‘joke’. ‘Hopefully [my daughter] has a sense of humor and understands when I’m clearly making a joke,’ he added. 

Some viewers didn’t shy away from reprimanding Katz, as one of them said: ‘Ever consider not being a loser?’ 

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