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June 3, 2021

Terrible News For The Batman Movie! Warner Brothers HATES It & The Budget Is Out Of Control

TheQuartering [6/3/2021]

Is Batman in trouble?

According to BoundingIntoComics:

The Batman could yet again be in serious trouble, as according to a new rumor, the film has been the subject of frustration and negativity all the way to the top of Warner Bros.’ studio.

A source close to YouTube scooper Dicktor Van Doomcock tells the future ruler of Earth that the bloated and beleaguered production could face another delay, and in the process, become the most expensive movie ever made.

At the top of the discussion about this rumor, it should first be noted that even Doomcock himself has stressed he is skeptical about the information he presented and urged viewers to take it with the usual grain of salt.

Regardless, the word from his source is that “the villains vexing The Dark Knight this time” are studio executives who’ve seen the movie and aren’t happy.

Following the wrapping of filming in March, Matt Reeves reportedly screened a rough cut of the film for studio executives after which they freaked. As noted by Doomcock, the reaction was similar to those of Star Wars and Star Trek fans who saw The Last Jedi and Into Darkness.

A heated shouting match allegedly ensued between the execs, shocked by the “s–t” they watched, and Reeves, who struck back at the very same executives who didn’t listen to his previous complaints about Robert Pattinson.

Surprisingly, despite the stories about the former Twilight star’s failure to work out and bulk up, his dalliance with co-star Zoe Kravitz, his attitude on the set, and how awful he looked in the suit next to the stunt players, the studio’s problem is apparently with the film’s “Bruce Wayne stuff.”

Doomcock hears the action scenes are fine, “per se,” but the producers are mulling the possibility of reshooting the scenes of Pattinson as the billionaire playboy “for whatever reason.”

Apparently are the least expensive parts to film again and Warner has the budget very much on their minds.

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