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January 22, 2022

The BEST Get Woke Go Broke Of 2022 Is Here!

TheQuartering [1/22/2022]

According to Gizmodo:

IDW Publishing became the fifth-most popular comic book publisher in America on the strength of adaptations of beloved franchises like Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Orphan Black, and CSI. But now two of its most popular series are being taken away: The company will lose both the TransformersandG.I. Joe licenses at the end of this year.

The two franchises have been cornerstones of IDW’s body of work for the bulk of the last two decades. The company acquired the Transformers license in 2005 and G.I. Joe in 2008, and since then have published over 75 separate series, miniseries, and one-shots for them (the Transformers make up the vast majority of those books). It’s a major blow for IDW, which already lost the rights to make all-ages Star Wars and Marvelseries last year.

But it’s not all bad news. IDW still has a year’s worth of Joe and Transformers content to put out, including G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #300, the comic written by Larry Hama which originated over at Marvel in the mid-1980s. Plus, The Hollywood Reporter reports (in Hollywood) that IDW will be keeping other Hasbro-owned IPs, including Dungeons & Dragons and My Little Pony.

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