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September 1, 2022

The Biggest Online Free Speech Win Ever Just Happened! This Is HUGE!

TheQuartering [8/31/2022]

According to TheGamer:

YouTube streamer Clara Sorrenti – better known as Keffals – has begun a campaign to have Cloudflare drop support of the “extremist forum” Kiwi Farms, claiming that the site is a “transphobic hate forum” and accuses it of stalking people, publishing doxxed information, and having a hand in multiple suicides.

Sorrenti has claimed for several weeks that Kiwi Farms is also the reason why she’s had to go into hiding and move out of the country. The streamer announced back at the beginning of August that she had been arrested by police after a swatting incident. She later went on to explain that she’s currently living in undisclosed Airbnbs due to being doxxed a second time after several pizzas were sent to the hotel she was staying in. Sorrenti has claimed users on Kiwi Farms were behind both incidents.

Sorrenti has now announced via her personal Twitter account that she has set up a new site to aid in her goal to get Cloudflare to drop support for Kiwi Farms entirely. The site contains contact information of top execs and several businesses supporting Kiwi Farms and owner Joshua Moon, urging people that want to help to “apply pressure” until Kiwi Farms is dropped.

Additionally, Sorrenti has also announced via this new website that a protest is to take place outside of the Cloudflare Connect conference in San Francisco – in which several top executives will be in attendance – on October 18 should Cloudflare not drop Kiwi Farms and the business behind it before then. Sorrenti claims that she has already been in contact with multiple activist groups and calls on Cloudflare to drop the site to avoid a “PR disaster.”

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