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April 13, 2023

The Marvels Trailer OBLITERATED As Most DISLIKED Marvel Trailer In History! Brie Larson Hidden!

TheQuartering [4/13/2023]

According to WeGotThisCovered:

In a turn of events that nobody could have ever seen coming from a mile away, The Marvels has taken substantially less than 24 hours to become the most-disliked Marvel Cinematic Universe trailer of all-time, which would almost be an impressive feat if it wasn’t so entirely predictable.

After all, director Nia DaCosta’s sequel will be the 33rd installment in the franchise by the time it arrives in November, although we suspect James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will avoid being mercilessly trolled and review-bombed, unless of course a hardy band of DC dissidents decide to take matters into their own hands.

At the time of writing, The Marvels has comfortably sailed past 200,000 dislikes on Marvel’s official YouTube channel, while the ratio of thumbs up to thumbs down on IGN is skewed more than 50 percent in favor of the latter, while it was running at a discrepancy of nearly 500 percent on Rotten Tomatoes at one stage. Suffice to say, we all saw this one coming from a mile away.

We’ve been through this before in the buildup to the first Captain Marvel, where YouTube even altered its algorithm to try and combat the relentless down-voting, which obviously worked a treat seeing as things have circled right back around and made their way to square one yet again.

The best course of action is for The Marvels to hit theaters in a blaze of critical glory when it finally lands, even if you get the sneaking suspicion that even that won’t be enough to stem the tide of trolls going out of their way to tear it down as soon as possible.

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