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April 9, 2021

The Most Triggering Game Ever! Things Get INSANE For Six Days in Fallujah & New Demands To Ban!

TheQuartering [4/9/2021]

Activist groups are demanding Sony & Microsoft BAN Six Days in Fallujah for various debunked reasons.

According to Screenrant:

An advocacy group is calling on Sony, Microsoft, and Valve to proactively ban Six Days in Fallujahfor the historical FPS’s alleged normalization of anti-Muslim hate. Although Six Days in Fallujah was ditched eleven years ago for its controversial depiction of the Iraq War, publisher Victura and developer Highwire Games have revitalized the project – along with the warranted backlash surrounding it. The trailer for Six Days in Fallujah arrived in March but did little to convince critics that the project is worth reviving. The title claims to be a realistic, documentarian depiction of the Second Battle of Fallujah in 2004, many feel as though the game is offensive to everyone involved in the real-life event, especially the civilians who were killed in the fighting.

The tactical shooter is set during the Iraq War, with the purpose of revealing the real-life struggles of US military personnel and Iraqi civilians, but many feel that the game’s features evade that point. Revealed in the gameplay trailer, Six Days in Fallujah has procedurally generated levels, which supposedly work to reflect the soldier’s experience in Fallujah. Real Marines told the developers that in battles, they never knew what was on the other side of any given door. This only sparked more backlash for the game, though, and now a breaking point has been reached.

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