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January 21, 2021

The Most VILE Woman On Social Media Just Went Too Far….

TheQuartering [1/21/2021]

It’s time to bring this woman in. We should place her under arrest for her own safety, the safety of animals, and the safety of others.

According to Distractify:

There are always going to be viral internet stars who push the envelope as a way to become more popular. Many of them go too far, but social media personality Brittany Johnson (better known online as Lovely Peaches) is truly on another level when it comes to heinous behavior.

Most people don’t need more than one reason to find Lovely Peaches’ actions reprehensible. Unfortunately, nearly everything she posts is not merely controversial — it’s truly vile, and often illegal as well. Lovely Peaches has come under serious fire recently for the way she talks about and treats her young daughter, Cora, as well as the fact that she “joked” about hiring someone to sexually assault TikTok star Charli D’Amelio.

Lovely Peaches has reportedly lost custody of her daughter and may be facing jail time in the future. As if that weren’t enough, some people have stepped forward with even more disturbing information about Lovely Peaches. Namely, that she abuses animals, and even killed a puppy during an Instagram Live video.

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