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December 1, 2020

The Most WOKE Comic DC Has EVER Made! “I Am NOT Starfire” Produced While Company Crumbles

TheQuartering [12/1/2020]

Hey, of course no issues whatsoever with this comic existing. I just think it’s hilarious they spend time on things guaranteed to fail while their company is crumbling.

According to

DC’s roster of original graphic novels has grown and evolved in some creative ways over the years, bringing creative new takes on a number of the company’s iconic characters. The line has quite a few noteworthy titles coming up in the next year — and there’s now an official look at one of the most unique ones yet. On Monday, DC revealed the first official details for I Am Not Starfire, an upcoming OGN written by Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me‘s Mariko Tamaki, and illustrated by Zatanna and the House of Secrets‘ Yoshi Yoshitani. The title, which was first announced back in 2019, will follow Mandy, the daughter of Starfire, as she tries to forge her own path.

“Seventeen-year-old Mandy Koriand’r is not her mother. Daughter of Starfire and high school outcast, Mandy is constantly trying to get out from under the shadow of her bright, bubbly, scantily clad, and famous mother. Dyeing her bright orange hair black and sticking close to her best friend, Lincoln, Mandy spends her days at school avoiding Teen Titans superfans and trying to hide her feelings for the gorgeous, popular, and perfect Claire. And while Mandy usually avoids spending too much time with her alien mother, she’s been particularly quiet as she’s keeping one major secret from her: Mandy walked out of her S.A.T.

While Mandy continues to tell Lincoln her plans of moving to France to escape the family spotlight and not go to college, she secretly hides a fear of not knowing her identity outside of just being the daughter of a superhero and who she will become. But when she is partnered with Claire to work on a school project, their friendship develops into something more and a self-confidence unknown to Mandy begins to bloom. Claire seems to like Mandy for being Mandy, not the daughter of Starfire.

But when someone from Starfire’s past comes to disrupt Mandy’s future, Mandy must finally make a choice: give up before the battle has even begun, or step into the unknown and risk everything. I Am Not Starfire is a story about mother-daughter relationships, embracing where you come from while finding your own identity, and learning to be unafraid of failing, if it was even failing in the first place.”

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