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April 16, 2021

The REAL Reason Dr Disrespect Was Banned From Twitch Revealed & Dr Disrespect Returns To Twitch

TheQuartering [4/16/2021]

It’s been what seems like forever since Dr. Disrespect was banned from Twitch and now a Call of Duty voice actor says they know why.

According to GamerRant:

Dr. Disrespect’s Twitch ban happened in June of last year, and while discussion on the sudden removal of the streamer’s channel has died down a bit, many are asking for answers to this day. As such, gamers have taken notice of a Call of Duty voice actor’s recent comments on the Twitch ban.

There have been several theories about Dr Disrespect’s ban, ranging from legal troubles and criminal activity to wild suggestions that he was starting a new streaming platform with Ninja and Shroud. While these rumors obviously did not pan out, fans still have no idea about what really happened, with that information likely to be kept secret by Twitch for the foreseeable future. The latest theory is a bit different than those that came before, however.

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