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August 20, 2021

The Sinister REAL Reason OnlyFans BANNED Adult Content! They Are In Trouble…

TheQuartering [8/20/2021]

Zoe Quinn is making headlines again!

According to NicheGamer:

UPDATE: Zoe Quin has offered a public statement regarding several of the articles and claims made against her, as well as Alec Holowka’s death. In a tweet she stated the following, as well as posting the following images:

“Reactivated, but not really back. This is the one and only thing I have to say publicly about the last few weeks. Love and healing to those affected – piss and pus for opportunistic creeps. cw: suicide/abuse”

Original Story:

New information has come to light regarding Zoe Quinn’s accusations of abuse by Alec Holowka and his subsequent death. Tweets and private communications obtained by The Post Millennial begin to cast doubt on Quinn’s word.

Some already doubted Quinn’s words due to past events. She gained infamy after journalists who slept with her and covered her game did not disclose a personal connection, thereby starting GamerGate. She has also been accused of continuing this nepotism, allegedly sabotaging game jams, and allegations she physically and psychologically abused her former boyfriend Eron Gjoni.

The new doubts come via The Post Millennial writer Anna Slatz. In an article produced on September 8th titled Zoe Quinn’s allegations are falling apart” Slatz states she had spoken to “A source with access to Quinn’s locked Twitter account.” 

Zoe Quinn’s Twitter account @UnburntWitch was deactivated shortly after Holowka’s death was announced. When it later returned it was locked (so only those who Quinn permits to follow her Twitter account can see what she tweets). Social media posts have shared the following image, allegedly a tweet from the account stating Quinn’s reasoning behind her actions on Twitter.

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