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December 15, 2021

The UNTHINKABLE Just Happened To Stan Lee…

TheQuartering [12/14/2021]

According to ScreenRant:

In a controversial tweet coming from Stan Lee’s verified Twitter account, the late Marvel Comics legend’s brand is being used to promote non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The tweet promoted an NFT (a unique digital object on the blockchain) for the hero Chakra The Invincible, which was met with widespread criticism. Many Twitter users have been calling out the blockchain studio Orange Comet and those handling Lee’s Twitter account for promoting the non-interchangeable digital objects on Lee’s still active account.

NFTs have been the source of plenty of criticism in recent months as numerous big-name brands, companies, and people┬áhave hopped on the bandwagon in hopes of making serious money from the industry. Non-fungible tokens are unique digital items that are owned on the blockchain. That means pictures, gifs, digital items, video game cosmetics, and more can be bought and sold on the blockchain. However, the main criticisms of NFTs has been their harmful environmental impact, the lack of regulation surrounding them, and numerous copyright issues artists have faced from minters stealing work and posting it as their own. Some also advertise NFTs as worthy investments when their actual value can crater at a moment’s notice as they are highly volatile.

On Tuesday, Stan Lee’s official Twitter account tweeted a promotion to a new NFT collection from Orange Comet featuring the hero, Chakra The Invincible. Considering Stan Lee has been dead for more than three years, the tweet received an immediate blowback with hundreds of responses calling out the account for using his likeness to promote NFTs.

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